Dr. Priscilla Hubbard, (MBA/ President)

Ms P at MC 2016
“You Can Succeed and overcome life’s obstacles and be a Survivor”
Priscilla M. Hubbard, the President and CEO, YCS Consulting, Inc, in Atlanta, Georgia has overcome several life-changing challenges with faith endurance and courage to persevere to the end. She knew the situations she faced were not just for her but to help others to endure and to know that it is not over until God says it is over. Her words of inspiration are; “When you put God first in all challenges you face you can succeed. When the enemy puts you to the test God is getting ready
to bless. If God can bring you to it he can bring you through it”.

Priscilla Hubbard is a single parent of one child and has two grandchildren. The journey included many life-changing events and YET Priscilla has not looked back. In 1987, she overcame a horrific robbery attack, which left her physically and emotionally scarred. However, with God, a faithful family and church family, she overcame this experience to make her the person she is today. Priscilla is a also a domestic violence victim and survivor which made her realize that what she went through was not just for her but to help others persevere through life’s obstacles toward excellence.
Currently, Priscilla serves as a source of motivation, inspiration, and encouragement to many women and men. Throughout her career, Priscilla shares as a speaker and a life- coach at seminars for women’s ministries and as a motivational speaker at events in the Metro Atlanta area, Spelman College, and Morehouse College.

Priscilla educational credits include a Bachelors of Business Administration from Herzing University, a Masters of Business Administration and Graduate Certificate of Human Resource Management from DeVry University’s Keller Graduate School of Management.

Available to speak on the following topics: Domestic Violence, Forgiveness, Life-Changing Events,
Self-Esteem, Enduring and Preserving During Difficult Times.
Phone: 678-488-0795 Email: msphubbard@gmail.com

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