Mr. Glenwood Ross II (Treasurer)

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Glenwood Ross III serves as the Website and Business Manager for the IUGB Foundation Inc. He is responsible for supporting and maintaining the IUGB website, as well as aiding in the creation of the IUGB Foundation website. Glenwood is a recent graduate of Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, with a focus in Leadership. At Morehouse, he was inducted into the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and graduated Cum Laude. While in school, he volunteered with at-risk teens, helping them to obtain their high school diplomas and preparing them for college. In addition, Glenwood worked at Atlanta City Hall where he provided support to Councilperson Cleta Winslow, Atlanta District #4. He also worked for the Morehouse College Community Revitalization Initiative in conjunction with AmeriCorps conducting research and land surveys for the Atlanta Beltline project. Upon graduating, Glenwood became the Program Coordinator for Foreverfamily Inc., where he provided services for children with incarcerated parents. These services ranged from overseeing an after-school program to taking children to visit their incarcerated parents on weekends. He has always been devoted to assisting underprivileged individuals and connecting them with the resources needed to overcome obstacles. Glenwood’s passions are reading, traveling and building websites for small business owners.

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